Are you a Social Media Virgin?

Are you a social media virgin?A cartoon I saw many years ago has stuck with me. You see a stern mother looking out an open front door at a young girl with a baby in her arms. The caption reads, “Leave my home, and don’t come back until you’re a virgin again.”

Have you ever sent an e-mail rather than write a letter, or made a call on that new fangled invention called a telephone? Because, my friends, if you have, you’re no longer a social media virgin, and you can’t go back home again. Now, you may argue that the telephone doesn’t really apply. I disagree, but e-mail qualifies unquestionably as social media.

I talk to baby boomers all the time who have not yet taken advantage of the newest technology to communicate with friends, family, and business connections. That’s what social media really is. It’s a way to communicate with other people. That’s it.

Yes… the new look of social media, which includes platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., has an undeniable learning curve that may seem like a hassle. But, you’ve been through changes like this before. Are you still listening to music by using a record player that scratches vinyl discs with a needle? Do you spend even a moment adjusting your TV antenna? Probably not!

You can’t put the genie back in the bottle, and you can’t become a virgin again. If you want to, or need to maintain your status as a social media virgin, for whatever reasons, I won’t try to change your mind, but technology has transformed the way people want and receive information, and that includes your information. Your reluctance may affect your future ability to keep pace with your competitors.

Social media is not revolutionary, it’s evolutionary. The key, as in any evolutionary tale, is adaptability. As a baby boomer you are part of the last generation born before the advent of computers. If you are a baby boomer business owner or professional… the benefits of including current and future social media technologies in your marketing tool kit far outweigh the hassle.

This new technology has made itself easier than ever to use, but the reason an agency like mine exists is to help you eliminate or simplify the learning curve of new ways to replace and enhance your personal phonebook and the telephone.

In other words… Go for it!

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