Baby Boomer Business People and Social Media

Speaking today for an organization where most of us in the room were baby boomer business people, I did an informal survey of those who had not yet ventured into the world of social media marketing. I waited to hear reasons that would give me a new mantra, but it kept coming back to, “I don’t have the time, or the know-how.”

Nearly forty percent of those in attendance claimed to be social media virgins. Ninety percent of those said they were too busy, busy enough, filled to the brim, clueless, and my favorite, from a non-virgin, was “Yeah. I know what you mean. I’ve got 140 friends on Facebook… Now what?”

Here’s my counsel for those of you who fit into the unlisted categories above.

If you have a computer, I want you to “give it up” to the cause and commit to the deed. I’m talking about lurking (just watching) on Facebook for a few minutes a day. All you have to do is pay attention to the posts of your friends, (If you have no friends… contact me, I’ll be your friend) and soon you’ll get the urge to respond or comment authentically, briefly, and tastefully, or you won’t.

What you will see is an amazing and equally dynamic communication process within which the world of sales & marketing functions marvelously. In other words, social media is a great place to conduct business in a kinder and gentler way.

It’s vital to remember that the selling part of the equation occurs only after the types of engagement that are already familiar to those who network in the physical world. Follow up, support, acknowledgement, and a genuine interest in the success of others are prerequisite.

Explore the world of Social Media marketing as soon as possible. Approach the process as an adventure. You’ll discover a whole new world of possibilities, and I’m certain that you’ll be fascinated with the opportunities for positive and profitable two-way communication with your market.

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