Do You Sell Too Soon?

When it comes to business… social networking and face to face networking aren’t that different.

You’ve probably seen others interact with new contacts, open a channel of communication, and then start selling their butt off.  

Now don’t get me wrong. Selling is good. Nothing happens until something gets sold. However, there’s a time and place for everything and starting to sell too early in the networking process rarely produces the result you’d hoped for. Do you begin to sell too soon?

Whether you’re communicating on the internet or in person… avoid selling too soon.

If you start to sell too soon… YOU become one of the main causes of objections.

Do you start the sales process by presenting information that you believe will lead to a sale? In Contrary Marketing™ this is referred to as “Backwards Selling”™.

Your prospects are listening and digesting your information trying to figure out how your ideas and solutions will impact their business… and their wallet. Your prospect is in essence qualifying you.

If the way you communicate makes them think about their wallet, you’ve created a speed-bump in the decision making process.  If they’re not ready to buy… what you say functions like an ignition switch that activates your prospects’ concerns and questions.  These concerns and questions show up in the form of objections and stalls.

Issues and concerns that might keep your prospect from buying must be addressed before you begin to sell. You must diagnose before you prescribe. Your willingness and ability to address your prospect’s issues and concerns before you start to sell… by asking the right questions… is THE vital stage of a successful sales process.

Here’s the tip:

In social media, on the phone, or in person you should enter into an authentic conversation with your prospect before you begin to sell. Ask questions that provide both of you with enough information to clear a pathway to “yes”… or uncover a “no” that was going to happen anyway. You must do this before you start pitching, presenting, or proposing. This step will make your online and off line sales efforts more profitable, guaranteed.

The uncertainty of the today’s economy coupled with a highly competitive marketplace makes this information gathering step more important than ever. “Think like a Doctor” is one of the main principles of Contrary Marketing. Just like a Doctor you must diagnose before you prescribe. This tip alone will help you make more sales, more easily, and more often.

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