Not Yet Time for a Social Media Marketing Campaign?

If you can manage to keep your head about you while all those around you are losing theirs… you obviously don’t have all the information.”

Social Media Perception can help you with your campaign.Does it seem like everyone has been put under the spell of social media? Does it seem like people don’t really talk anymore? All they do is stare at the computer on their desk, the IPad on their lap, or the Smartphone in their hand. Well, yes, we have, and yes, they do.

Those of us, especially those of us born before Jimmy Carter was President of the United States, still aren’t sure what to make of this latest technological revolution called Social Media. This is especially true if you are in business.

If you’re a company decision maker, or a business owner… you’re probably aware that your competition is starting to market on the internet, specifically through social media. Why is that?

Newspapers, Magazines, the Yellow Pages, and even Television,  just don’t cut it anymore as a way to effectively and profitably market your business. Almost everyone gets their information from the internet, (Google is getting 200 million hits a day) and those that watch television… TIVO through the commercials. What’s a business to do?

A strategic social media campaign is the  most effective way to reach your target market, and even more so, social media is the most effective way to engage your marketplace. That’s true because people want to do business with those they like and trust, and right now there is no tool available  better than social media that provides you with a platform that uses authentic engagement as a way to promote yourself, or your business.

OK. Now you know why you should have a social media presence, but do you have the time and know-how to establish and control you online media presence?

If you have not yet jumped into social media feet first… you still have time to establish yourself as an industry and a thought leader. A year from now I won’t be able to say the same thing with any sort of confidence.

Here’s the tip: Find someone to help you get started.

After a long carrer as a traditional marketing consultant,  I was born before Jimmy Carter’s presidency, way before, I have seen the light. That why my agency is focusing solely on helping people establish, clean up, and manage their social media presence, You have a new way to put yourself in the best light with your market, and the time is now.

Wait if you must, but as we move farther and farther towards a world where no human will remember a time before computers, it would seem a good time to go to where your market is looking for you. You don’t have to like it, but you probably should do it.

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