The Best Way to Use Famous Quotes in Your Social Networking Posts

You’ve just posted one of your favorite quotes. Your effort lets me know that you consider the specific quote to be of value.

This video reminds you to share your feelings about the quote and the person your quoting that led you to post it in the first place.

(Here’s a link for mobile: )

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  1. Hi Ike – Wow! You read my mind. I think it’s funny that someone would only post quotes and never interact with others especially on Facebook. I think it’s okay to post a quote here or there, but you have to mix it up. And, it makes sense to mention why you chose the quote. It will encourage interaction. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Thursday night.

    • Ike Krieger

      Those mind-reading exercises have really paid off.

      I’ve mentioned the need for a little explanation with each quote a few times before. Maybe this will help the idea catch on. -Ike

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  3. Thank you Ike,

    That makes so much sense. I am guilty of that and I will mention why I chose that quote or add something to it.
    By the way, I like your beard and mustache.

    • Ike Krieger

      Thank you Pauline.

      I’m pleased that these tips and ideas have been of value to you.

      Appreciate you taking the time to write.

      My wife likes the beard too. So, I guess the new look is here for a while.


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