The Duck and Cover Strategy of Social Media

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We hear the sound of whooping sirens in the distance. Bells go off. Children start to scurry. We run to a retaining wall on the far side of the class room. As our line of cold war kids slithers together against the wall we all duck down and attempt to roll ourselves into a ball, hands behind our neck, wondering if we’ll get a chance to see the new episode of the Mickey Mouse Club.

As you look back on that time you must certainly realize that the above exercise known as “duck and cover” would no more protect you from a nuclear blast than would a cool looking leather jacket. But, we drilled and drilled nonetheless because that was what was “true” at the time.

Seeing business owner after business owner using the ‘duck and cover’ strategy when it comes to Social Media reminds me of how slowly we accept and adapt to the inevitable.

Social Media Marketing is too much trouble! That’s a consideration I hear all the time. “I’ve got enough on my plate. There’s no room for any more.”

I ask the following questions, which makes no one very happy except the few who can honestly answer,”Yes.”

Are you making all the money you’d planned?

Do you have all the clients you can handle?

If not….

 Are you getting no-cost leads through a strategic social networking campaign?

And finally,

“Why not?”

If you ignore Social Media… IT won’t go away. IT is here to stay.

I shared an article earlier this week that featured a CNN report on the use of social media. The findings showed that tons of 45 to 70 year olds are flocking to social media.

Why? Even if the reason is something simple like… it’s easier than a telephone… the proof is in the proverbial pudding.

Social Media is here to stay. Fighting the Social Media trend is akin to fighting the Yellow Pages two generations ago. It is what it is.

You may be part of the last generation in need of convincing. But, one thing for sure, if you’ve got any marketing savvy at all, you should be working on finding a way to take advantage of social media rather than finding a way to shield yourself from it

If you do have a great looking leather jacket in your closet you can put it on, but it won’t protect you from the marketing explosion we call social media.

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