What is your Social Media goal?

If you don’t know where you’re going— that’s where you’ll end up.”

Active with online social media?  Working on a project? Getting ready for an offline phone conversation, or an appointment? — What is your outcome?

Success overall, and strategy development in particular demand that you be clear on your outcome, and your outcome should be stated in the positive.

Most people, maybe even you, tend to take on projects or business activities for which there is no set or definable outcome or goal. What’s really interesting is that most people seem to know what they don’t want, but have a difficult time clarifying what they do want. Some go so far as to state their outcome in the negative.

An example of this “backward” approach to goal setting might be, “I want to play a round of golf where I don’t hit the ball into the water.”  The positive counterpart is, “I want to play a round of golf and keep my ball on the fairway.”

Here’s the tip.

Clarify your outcome, and state your outcome in the positive.

Watch out for this trap!

Too many times we forget about our outcome so we can argue a minor, time-wasting issue or… focus on proving ourselves “right.”

Remember to remember your outcome.

Maintain your outcome, not your position.

–A distracted existence leads us to no goal. –Goethe ~

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